How can Yoyo keep you moving?


Yoyo Amigo and Driver Score

The Yoyo Amigo is a telematics (black Box) device, that provides us with information on how you drive, measuring speed, braking, cornering and acceleration. We then assign a value to each of these, and score your driving out of 100, the higher your score the cheaper we'll be able to make your renewal premium.

The driver score and all the information on your driving that we collect is available for you to see on your driver portal account - which you can log into HERE.


Courtesy Car

All Yoyo policies have the benefit of a courtesy car, however, this is always subject to availability and will not be available immediately following an accident. Courtesy cars are provided by our network repairers, and will only be available once your vehicles goes in to be repaired, subject to availability.

We will not be able to provide this benefit to you if you choose to have your vehicle repaired by a non-network repairer, if your vehicle is a suspected total loss, has been declared a total loss or has been stolen.


Theft Recovery

Yoyo Amigo tracks vehicle location, so if stolen, we can track the movements of your vehicle and work with the Police to recover your vehicle.

This is a great benefit to have in your insurance policy and provides great peace of mind! A tracking device can cost hundreds of pounds a year, so we feel it's a great feature of the Yoyo policy.


No Restrictions

Unlike many telematics insurers, Yoyo don't place restrictions or curfews on when or how far you drive. There is no night-time curfew with a Yoyo policy, as we think that it's important that new drivers gain experience of driving at night, and that experienced drivers don't have unnecessary limitation on when they can drive.

Yoyo also doesn't set you a mileage limit, instead, you can choose the mileage you feel you'll need when you take out your policy. If you need additional miles over the course of the policy year, you can add them onto your policy through the self-service portal.


Flexible Policy Changes

From February 1st 2021, new policies and renewing policies will have access to our new self-service portal.

The self-service portal allows policyholders to make changes such as:


Great Renewal Premiums

Part of what makes Yoyo a great option for both new drivers and experienced drivers, is looking at you and how you drive when we offer a renewal premium. Most insurers will just check if you'd had a claim, they type of vehicle you want covered and then factors such as where you live or your car is kept.

While we do take these things into account, because we use the Yoyo Amigo telematics device, we can treat you as an individual. So, if you've been driving for 6 months or 10 years, if you're a safe driver, we'll be able to offer you a premium that you'll struggle beat.


If you have a crash

We hope that this never happens, but if it does, call us as soon as you can. Letting us know about an incident quickly allows us to start the process of getting you back in the position you were before the accident, and can help us to control the costs of any claims that anyone else might make.

We may even call you, as the Yoyo Amigo telematics device should send us an alert if it detects movements that it thinks could be the result of an accident, this is part of our service to help keep our policyholders safe.


What if my car is written off?

If your car is damaged we will assess the level of damage and will either repair it, or will offer you the pre-accident value of the vehicle at the time of the incident – this may be different to the amount you paid for your car or any amounts we spoke about when you insured your vehicle with us.

We refer any cases where we suspect a vehicle may be beyond repair to expert engineers to assess and value the vehicles.

As the insurer, we can decide how we settle any claim made. For example, if your car is written off, we may decide that is not appropriate to allow you to keep the car, and instead offer a cash only settlement.


Policy Cover, Conditions and Exclusions


What's not covered?

The Yoyo policy is designed for new and young drivers. For a complete list of all the terms, conditions, exceptions and exclusions you should refer to your policy booklet HERE.

However, we would like to draw your attention to these exclusions in particular:

  1. We will not pay any claim under any circumstances (including for theft) if your car is left unlocked, left with keys/key fobs in, on, or attached to your car, left with the engine running or left with a window, door or roof open. This applies no matter how briefly any one of these occurs.

  2. We will also not cover any claim which results from you driving your vehicle while under the influence of drink or drugs. If this does happen, you will be directly responsible for all aspects of the incident, and we will not be able to provide any cover for injury caused to you or any person, damage to your or any other person’s vehicle, or damage caused to any property.

  3. If your car is damaged, we will pay the cost of repairing or replacing your vehicle up to its UK market value. This is the current value of the vehicle at the time of the claim – and it may be different to the amount you paid for your car or any amounts we spoke about when you insured your vehicle with us.