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Yoyo, you're only young once!

Yoyo Insurance has been specifically designed for new and young drivers. Getting insurance for the first time can be very expensive without a black box, and even with one you might not be able to drive at certain times of the day and not at all at night!

At Yoyo, we don't think that's right. With a Yoyo policy, you can drive whenever and wherever you want, there are no restrictions. Because all Yoyo policies come with a Yoyo Amigo black box device, we can give you a reasonable premium, and because the Yoyo Amigo monitors your driving, we can reward good drivers with a great renewal price.


What is the Yoyo Amigo?

The Yoyo Amigo black box device provides us with information on how you drive. It measures speed, braking, cornering and acceleration, scoring the quality of your driving out of 100. The information collected by Yoyo Amigo is available to you through the online driver portal.

Once your Yoyo Amigo is installed and activated, you’ll be sent your online driver portal login details and will be able to see your driver score.


Crash Alert Notifications

The Yoyo Amigo, will inform us of any incidents and impacts with the vehicle, meaning we can immediately contact you to make sure that you are OK and start to manage the claim.

Provided we can talk to you immediately and therefore manage the claim, we offer a reduced excess. We have a 24hr claims notification team to support this.


Installing your Yoyo Amigo

There are two types of installation - self install or professionally installed. The type of installation is determined by your vehicle, with the majority of vehicle's not requiring a professional installation. We'll let you know when you take out your policy which type of installation your car will require.

Self installation policies will have a box sent through the post, and a you'll get a guide on how to complete the installation. Don't worry if you have any issues, just give our Customer Service Team a call and they'll be able to get you some help!

Professional installation policies will be contacted by our installation partner shortly after taking out the policy, to make the arrangments for the installation of the Yoyo Amigo.

Either way, once you've taken out a Yoyo policy, the Yoyo Amigo must be installed and activated within 14 days of the policy starting.

If you have any questions about the Yoyo Amigo, please check our FAQ section below, or call our Customer Services team.


Curfews and mileage restrictions

The Yoyo policy has no curfews and no mileage restrictions. We know that accidents are more likely to occur at certain times, but we don’t penalise you for driving at these times.


If I speed, will you tell the Police?

We don’t share any of the data that we gather with Police, unless they are investigating an incident and we are required to do so.

However, if you are speeding and driving dangerously, then may decide to cancel your policy.

If we do make the decision to cancel your policy, we will write to you giving you 7 days notice. You must have alternative cover in place at the end of the 7 day notice period or you will have no effective insurance in place. You will have to make your next insurer aware that you have had a policy cancelled.


What we do with your driving behaviour score

We will normally only review your driving score at renewal. Provided that you're a safe driver with a good score, you can expect a great renewal price!

However, if we receive an alert on the back of an instance of speeding or sudden braking, we may review your driving and write to you if we feel that your driving needs to improve.

If we see that you have routinely been driving poorly, we will contact you and make you aware of this and you will need to improve your driving score to avoid us taking further action. If after making you aware your driving needs to improve, and your score fails to improve, we will cancel your policy.

Instances where excessive speeding is noted will result in your policy being cancelled. If this happens, we will write to you and give you 7 days to find alternative cover. You must have alternative cover in place at the end of the 7 day notice period or you will have no effective insurance in place. You will have to make your next insurer aware that you have had a policy cancelled.

Yoyo Amigo Installation FAQs

You will be contacted within 48 hours of taking out your Yoyo policy to arrange for the Yoyo Amigo to be installed.
You will receive a text message after you take out the policy, which will include contact information for the Yoyo Amigo installation network, if you wanted to contact them yourself.
The Yoyo Amigo should be installed within 14 days of the policy being purchased. If this is not going to be possible, you must contact us to make alternative arrangements. Please be aware that if we cannot install the Yoyo Amigo in the first 14 days of your policy, and we do not hear from you to make alternate arrangements, you may invalidate your insurance policy or we may have to cancel the policy and this could also incur additional charges.
You will receive a text message and an email to confirm activation.
Generally, within 48 hours of the Yoyo Amigo being activated.
Driving data is available after approximately 70 miles of driving.
Yes, however it must be installed within 14 days of the policy being purchased.
The installation should take about 30 minutes.
No, upon cancellation of your policy, the Yoyo Amigo will automatically be remotely disabled, which will ensure that no further data will be transmitted.

What do I do if I still have questions?

You can contact us on 0333 009 6717 (opening hours Mon – Fri 9am – 5pm) or email us at


Alternatively, you can check our Policy FAQ page.

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